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Design Perspective

Maple Ceramica represents the values of Indian elegance through products that constitute a synthesis between stylistic research and technological innovation.
At Maple, it starts with an idea, an inspiration and the ability to bring our vision to life, which combine attention not only to continuous innovation but also to trends in design together with the experience derived from tradition.

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Product Development establishments

Strengthened by a tradition of more than sixty years of experience of Lohia Global, the company is evolving in the production processes and in the technologies adopted, to complement the historical quality of its products with new proposals with the most avant-garde design. A rich, refined plant, capable of satisfying the expectations and needs of national and international customers. A production that represents the best Indian artisan tradition aimed at the world. Thanks to the latest generation systems & production solutions used, our plant produces tiles with dimensions upto 1.2 x 1.2 m and thickness upto 15 mm usable for innovative architectural and design solutions.